Sunday, May 27, 2007

One Week Later

...and oldest son is STILL sick. High fever, gross cough and no appetite. Took him to the doctor Monday and Friday of last week. Both doctors think that it's a virus but on Friday he had an ear infection so they put him on antibiotics. That was Friday, today is Sunday and he still feels like crap. I am so exhausted from having sick kids. It really wears on the whole family. Younger one had his first day without hives today!!! After 3 weeks, he's finally well. Thank you God.

In other news, my mom threw an early birthday party for me today. My birthday is on Thursday but the boys will all be camping so we celebrated early. I got 4 new beads for my Pandora bracelet and these new shoes from my mom.
I thought they were pretty cute in the catalog. What do you think?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

1 down 1 to go...

Now that youngest son is on the mend, oldest one came down with a fever this afternoon. He only has 4 days of elementary school left and I don't want him to miss it! It's going to be a fun filled week and it will stink if he's stuck on the couch.

Youngest son is still suffering with hives. His doctor says to keep him on the antibiotic that he's on and just let the hives run their course but it's very annoying and irritating. He's waking up every night covered with them and one of us has to get up to get him medication. I just wish this would get better quickly!

Tomorrow is my last day of the regular school year. I am teaching summer school but only MWF. It will be a nice break from my regular schedule. The guys are planning their big camping trip in a couple of weeks so I will have 4 nights here alone. I have no clue what I'm going to do with all of that time to myself. Maybe catch up with some movies or work on painting the house a little. Whatever I do, it won't involve housework. That's a promise!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

On the mend...

Poor baby has been allergic to 2 of the 5 antibiotics that we've tried over the past 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the first one doesn't work for pneumonia, the second he was allergic to, the third he was allergic to, and the last 2 seem to be working. We're going to send him to school today. He's been fever free for 3 days but is still fighting a nasty cough. He's ready to go back and see his friends so we'll see how it goes. My hubby is working from home the rest of the week so he can be at the school in 3 minutes if necessary.

It is so nice being on a break from school. I have a couple more weeks off and while I am looking forward to starting my next class, I am enjoying having nothing to worry about. It gives me so much time to spend with the kids and do things around the house. I'm taking 12 hours this summer so we'll see how that goes!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Still Sick

UPDATE: After a looong morning at the doctor, a trip to get x-rays, and 5 prescriptions later, he was diagnosed with pneumonia. The doctor toyed with the idea of sending him to the hospital for iv antibiotics and a possible overnight stay but he thinks that we can get it under control with breathing treatments and lots of med. Wish us luck!

OK, now it's getting old. My son has been sick since Tuesday, running a high fever with a nasty cough and sore throat. He was diagnosed with with strep throat and the medicine isn't working. We got another antibiotic called in last night and he's still running a fever. I'm just worried that it's something other than strep. I'm just praying that he'll start feeling better soon. My poor boy.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Do you ever see pictures of yourself and you're surprised that it's actually YOU that you're looking at? Of course, I see myself in the mirror every day but there's something about seeing a picture that just shocks me into reality. Today I saw a picture of me from behind and I couldn't believe how dark (almost black) my hair is. I thought it was brown. It wasn't the lighting or anything because everyone else in the picture looked normal. I saw another picture of myself the other day and I couldn't believe that my boobs were that big. Of course, I'm always surprised at how wide my hips look or how many chins I manage to display. I always wonder what other people see when they look at me, I guess now I know!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Nurse Jenn

Are you ever kind of glad when your child gets sick and has to take a couple of days off of school? I hate that he feels bad but it's so nice to get to spend the day together and try to help him feel better. I don't feel like I get to spend enough time "mommying" my kids so I have enjoyed being his nurse. He's on the mend, so we'll all be back to work and school tomorrow but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


This has been the hardest semester for me. I took 11 hours, Biology, American Literature, Government and P.E. All of this on top of working 30 hours a week and taking care of 2 children and a husband. Wonder why I don't have time to blog? Anyways, it's over! I finished my finals and am waiting for my grades to come in. It will be a glorious month before my summer classes begin.

We are starting to prepare for oldest son's transition to middle school. I can't believe he wont be in elementary any more. It has gone entirely too fast. I feel like he started Kindergarten a year or so ago. Unreal...

On another note, I have been enjoying spending more time with my husband lately. Something has changed with him over the past six months or so and I think maybe he finally "gets it". He has been treating me like a queen. Maybe he finally realized that I don't HAVE to stay with him, I WANT to be with him. There's a big difference.