Thursday, May 17, 2007

On the mend...

Poor baby has been allergic to 2 of the 5 antibiotics that we've tried over the past 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the first one doesn't work for pneumonia, the second he was allergic to, the third he was allergic to, and the last 2 seem to be working. We're going to send him to school today. He's been fever free for 3 days but is still fighting a nasty cough. He's ready to go back and see his friends so we'll see how it goes. My hubby is working from home the rest of the week so he can be at the school in 3 minutes if necessary.

It is so nice being on a break from school. I have a couple more weeks off and while I am looking forward to starting my next class, I am enjoying having nothing to worry about. It gives me so much time to spend with the kids and do things around the house. I'm taking 12 hours this summer so we'll see how that goes!

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