Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Am I Normal?

Do you think that it's normal to be totally anxious about going on a trip that you'd almost rather cancel it? I have had headaches, stomachaches and a cold sore all because of my stupid nerves. It's a characteristic that I don't like about myself and would like to change but I don't know how (without medication). I try to put my faith in God that he will take care of us on the trip and the kids while we're away but I am so consumed with it that I can't think straight. Most people would love to be going to Hawaii in my place....I need to learn to live in the moment and appreciate what I have been given without being such a freak about it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


We're going to Hawaii next week and we're leaving the kids with family. Originally, we had asked my mom to keep the kids and then my brother and his wife asked if they could have them for a few nights. I sent both of them a schedule to let them know where they would be and when, my mom got a little miffed that they boys are spending more time with my bro than with her. I guess I kind of understand because she doesn't have anything going on and uses the grandchildren for entertainment. The kids are very excited about staying with my brother because he and his wife have some fun things planned. I hate leaving town knowing that my mom feels put out by our decision to let the boys have a little fun with their uncle while we're gone. The boys love their granny but she's not as fun as uncle!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


This has been one of the best summers I have had in a very long time. First, I'm not working. Typically I work a couple of days a week during the summer which leaves me tired and not wanting to do things with the kids. Second, I only took 1 summer class (which I got a B in, YAY!!) and I don't have school until the end of August. I feel like I am spending so much time with the kids doing productive things. I have probably read 5 books this summer and I feel like I can't get enough of reading. I don't have the time to read during the school year so I really feel transformed into another world when I curl up with a good book while it's 98 outside. We are planning a trip to Hawaii in 2 weeks without the kids. While I hate leaving them, it will give us some time to spend with each other. Between camping, the boat, our upcoming trip and no school for a while, it's been an enjoying time together.

On the same note, I've noticed a huge change in my husband lately. Even though he's been working like a dog, he's been a lot happier than I've ever seen him before. Summer is usually a difficult time for him because he gets bored easily and falls into a funk. I think buying the boat was the best thing we could have done for his mood. Even if we aren't out on the lake, he has something he can work on and keep him busy. Its of our friends came over this weekend and told us that his wife is having an affair and they are getting a divorce. They've been married for 15 years. I can't imagine. We've been married almost 14 and while it hasn't always been peaches and cream, I love him more now than I did the day I married him.