Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wow....it's been a while

I guess I'm not so into the blogging thing that I even miss it. I haven't even looked at my blog in over 2 weeks. We have been so busy with the kids lacrosse, my work and school and general obligations. I am so thankful that I dropped my Geology class. It has given me so much more time to devote to my other 2 classes and I am doing well in both. I got a great letter in the mail from the college on Monday saying that I have been awarded a $500 scholarship!!! Yeah! I love free money!

My job is going really great. I tend to get very emotionally involved with the kids because for so many of them, you're the only adult who pays attention to them all day. One little boy was wearing the same 3 shirts over and over so I cleaned out my boys closet and sent them home with him through his teacher. He came up to me the other day and said, "Look at my new jacket!" and it felt good knowing that he didn't know it was from me. There's alot of stuff like that on a daily basis that just breaks your heart but I guess I just have to get used to it if I'm going to be a teacher. My mom has been teaching for a while and told me the other day, "I used to be just like you when I first started teaching. I promise you, it gets old. You get tired of spending your own money and never seeing any change in the child's life". I hope I never feel like that. The way that I look at it, if you give a child a moment of your care, time, or money you never know how that may impact them in the long run. You may never see the results of it and it really doesn't matter if you do or not, it's just that you showed the child that they mattered. Maybe I'm being idealistic but....

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