Sunday, December 3, 2006

I finally got the tree up yesterday. I started out putting the traditional tinsel on the tree and then decided to get rid of it and use Mardi Gras beads instead. It turned out pretty cute. Most of my ornaments are 'boy toys' like St*ar W*ars and G*I*Joe. Once the kids move out, they'll have a bunch of stuff for their own tree and I can have something pretty and girly. I'll post pictures later.

We spent some time at my mom's today. We put up her Christmas tree and cleaned out the garage. One of my parent's friends came to help with garage since mom doesn't know what to do with half of the junk. She's having a huge garage sale this week to try to get rid of some of my dad's stuff. My dad died this past June and it's so weird going through all of his stuff.

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