Friday, October 31, 2008

Catching up

So, it's been a while. Things are finally getting back to normal around here. We got the roof fixed, the ceiling patched up and everything is getting somewhat back to normal. We had some money left over from the insurance settlement so we had a patio poured. We've been working on it the past few weekends, getting it landscaped and ready for company. Saturday we are celebrating my husband's birthday with about 15 friends. This will be the first party we're having at our house and I'm a little nervous! I'm sure after a couple of glasses of wine, I'll be having a blast! Everything is relatively back to normal (short of some missing grass in the front yard, 2 tree stumps in the back yard and a broken window) and we're looking forward to having some fun this weekend. I'll post pictures of the patio and our fun weekend later!


Jessica said...

Well, even with the damage at least you got a new patio! Silver lining, right? And, it doesn't matter how big or nice your house is, it's just fun for friends to get to ahng out! Plus, the wine does help. :)

twinsRus said...

Yeahh , u r still alive! Welcome back. Glad that your house is getting finished up. Enjoy the party!