Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lovely Weekend

What an awesome weekend we had. Friday night we had movie night. We rented Wild Hogs and ordered a pizza. It was a nice way to end a busy week. I bought my new bathing suit Saturday afternoon. I'll post a picture later. Saturday night, we went out to dinner with my mom, brother and his new wife. Then they came back to our house and played Guitar Hero until late at night. Then Saturday morning, we drove up to some spring fed lakes north of us to visit our friends' property. We started by picking blackberries until we couldn't pick any more. We then went to swim in the lake, flying down the slide into the cool water. Then we finished swimming in the beautiful pool in the resort area. After a picnic under the pine trees and hours in the sun, we went to another part of the lake where the boys took the little boat around the lake. We fished for a couple of hours and had fun watching the kids enjoy being outdoors. Our friends cooked a nice BBQ dinner for us and then we got on the road home. Monday we lounged around for a while and I stressed out about my algebra homework. I finally got it under control and then we headed over to my sisters for BBQ chicken and sausage. Yummy food and good company.

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twinsRus said...

Sounds like a great weekend! We had a great one too!