Thursday, January 10, 2008


I have the strangest dreams. It's something that runs in the family because my mom has the same thing. They are usually very vivid, active dreams that leave me waking up full of whatever emotion was most prevalent in the dream. My favorite thing is to wake up laughing because the dream was so outlandish that, even though I'm sleeping I know that I'm dreaming. I know it sounds weird but it happens.

Last night I dreamed about my brother's rehearsal for his wedding. It went something like this....we were at the rehearsal (which was in some kind of a field, with a stage) and we were standing on the altar waiting for everything to get started. My cousin, who is a couple of years younger than me, started putting the moves on me right in front of my husband. I froze out of sheer disgust but he just kept on trying to hug and kiss on me (in a gross cousin way). Then as the rehearsal was wrapping up, my ex-boyfriend showed up. I got really nervous but avoided speaking to him somehow. I don't know why he would be there's a dream, stranger things have happened! Everyone was riding around the field in our go-cart and taking turns swapping off on it. Then people started passing out because they were drunk and we found out that my ex-boyfriend was giving everyone that was drinking a sleeping pill to go along with it so they would pass out and he could rob them. Some of the guys that were at the rehearsal heard about it and were trying to grab him but he was running around avoiding being caught. Then I escaped with another bridesmaid and as I was running away, I looked down at my cell phone and noticed that my saved phone numbers were all being deleted one by one. I jumped into a waiting truck (like a moving truck) and realized that the battery was dead. We freaked out because we were trying to get away so we asked people on the street for jumper cables. One man came up to me with a pair of forceps and said that you can jump the truck with those. All I remember was thinking he was crazy because you'd shock yourself with forceps on a battery. Then I turned around and saw some kids playing chinese jump rope with a set of jumper cables so I grabbed them. That was it! My alarm went off and I never knew if we got away or not....from the crazy boyfriend with the sleeping pills!!????

I love having an active dream world. It's so interesting how your brain can conjure up stories and scenarios that make absolutely no sense yet strike up so much emotion. If anything, it's fun to get a good laugh!


twinsRus said...

Hi! I love reading your blogs. I just recently started to read yours. I have crazy vivid dreams too...It is weird how r minds work!

twinsRus said...

I forgot to add ( dont trust the sleaze that your hubby works with) follow your instincts! I dont blame u for being uncomfortable with him being around her...